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            What's going on with Flash ?

            For more than 15 years, a part of Netmath was programmed in a Flash environment because it was a promising option for integrating high-quality visuals and animations. Unfortunately, for several reasons, Flash is being used less and less for the creation of similar content on the Internet. 

            In fact, most content that we consult now is made up of code written in the HTML5 language. That's why we have set up a project to migrate Netmath content from Flash to HTML5.

            In terms of timeline, here's an example of what the Google Chrome team has planned for the gradual withdrawal of the Flash extension from their browser. Here are the next steps:
            • July 2018 - Sites using Flash will request explicit permission to be activated every time the browser is restarted.
            • July 2019 - Flash will be deactivated by default, but it will be possible to adjust the levels of permission for sites (one by one) from the browser settings.
            • December 2020 - No browser will be able to activate Flash any longer for any site, definitively.


            Updated: 10 Sep 2018 10:56 PM
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