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            Delete a student from the class

            At any given point, it is possible for a teacher to remove a student profile activated in their class.
            By accessing your manage classes tab, you will see the list of classes associated to your name.

            By selecting one of your classes, you will be prompted to manage said class.
            Upon viewing the list of students activated in the class, locate the small box situated to the left of the student's name . 

            In order to withdraw a student from the class please follow these steps:
            1. Select the box corresponding to the student you want to remove from the class
            2. Select the Delete the students  button (located on the top right part of the student list)
            1. Accept the validation prompt confirming the students being removed.
            Once the update complete, you will be able to continue the activation process for any students looking to join your class.
            Updated: 11 Jun 2019 04:55 AM
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