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            Before ordering extra licenses, what can I do? (Transfer an unused license from another class to yours)

            Usually when requesting extra licenses, we prepare a new invoice that will be sent to the school administration. 
            Before doing so, it is always a good habit to validate with the other teachers of the school if all licenses available are fully used. 
            If some are still available, we can easily transfer some licenses from one class to the other.
            1. From your home page access your Manage Classes tab
            2. Select the class containing the unused license
            3. Click on Modify in order to change the maximum number of licenses in the class
            1. Reduce the total of licenses in the class by 1 ( i.e.: from 7 to 6)
            1. Click on Save Changes
            2. Return to the class list
            3. Select the class in which the new license needs to be transferred in
            4. Click on  Modify in order to change the maximum number of licenses ; Add the extra seat to the current total of licenses in the class ( i.e.: 22 to 23)
            1. Click on Save Changes
            Once this update is complete, the teacher will be able to continue on the activation process of the new student.
            Updated: 04 Jun 2019 04:41 AM
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