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            How do I adjust the number of available licences?

            If the number of available licences is not sufficient to add a group or a new student, here's what to do:
            • Contact the teachers at your school who are not using all of the spots available in their classes. If they agree to adjust the number of licences used for their group, you can:

              • Select the group in question
              • Select the + button at the bottom of the page to Modify the maximum number of uses
              • Enter the new registration limit for this group 
              • The number of licences available for the school should update automatically
            • If it is not possible to adjust the number of students in other groups, you can contact us to make general changes regarding the total number of licences available.
            Telephone: 1-888-528-8066

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 04:37 AM
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