What is my username? How do I identify myself on Netmath?

What is my username? How do I identify myself on Netmath?

A username, client ID, identification, user/client access, are all terms often used to depict a client’s access to their profile on different platforms. 

Netmath uses the term username for it's logging process.

Netmath usernames can be:

  1. Your Full Name: the first name and last name used during the activation process of an account (applicable to a teacher, student or parent profile).
  2. Email: email address used by the user during the activation process.
  3. Google sign-in access: when using your Google credentials to complete the activation process.

This means that once your profile is created, you can always sign in your account with one of those usernames and your password.

Please note that 1st and 2nd grade students use a different identification method. To find out more, click on the following link : How to log in a student account (1st and 2nd grade)?.
The access through the SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE doesn’t prevent the user to log in the same profile with his full name or his email address. The only prerequisite will be to create a password in the MY ACCOUNT section beforehand.

If you need help related to logging in your Netmath profile, you can review the procedure: Signed in to a Netmath account.

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