How do you transfer one student from one class to the other ?

How do you transfer one student from one class to the other ?

If a 1st cycle elementary student has to be transferred, for any reason, to a class of a higher cycle (3rd and up), please contact us at
If transferring a 1st cycle elementary student, to another class within the same cycle, make sure to provide the student with the new class code.

It is possible for a teacher to transfer a student (activated in the school) to another class without going through the activation process again. 
To complete the maintenance, please follow these steps :

Select MANAGE CLASSES from the home screen and access the group linked to the student being transferred.

  1. Select the box on the left of the student's name

  2. Select Move to another classroom button

  1. In the next screen, select the new class and confirm the update 

Once completed, all the students selected will now be seated in the new class.

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